vocational training & work experience

Preparation for working life

Preparation for Working Life combines work placement in a local company and a classroom-based unit, 'Preparation for gaining employment’. The programme is designed to prepare participants for professional life and help them develop their communication skills.

Project-based training

Project-based training is a highly beneficial programme for participants with lower language skills or those wishing to work in a difficult industry sector. The training takes place in a partner centre and is a hands-on, practical experience where participants complete smaller projects to better understand the work cycle in their chosen trade.

teacher training & STAFF MOBILITY

Job shadowing

What better way to gain a new perspective on teaching than with the help of other teachers? Tellus works with a network of local schools, giving you an opportunity to enhance your English teaching methods by ‘job shadowing’ colleagues.

work experience

If you teach a particular profession back home, you can find out how that profession works in practice in Spain with our unique work experience opportunities.

Salamanca, Spain

Salamanca is home to one of the oldest universities in Europe, the Universidad di Salamanca which was founded in the 1100s.

The capital of the Castile and Leon region, the town has enjoyed a colourful history, successively ruled by Celts, Romans, Muslims and the Spanish.

Today, and perhaps unsurprisingly, it is famous for its thriving student population too.

5 places to see

  • University of Salamanca
  • New Cathedral
  • Old Cathedral
  • Convento de San Esteban
  • Casa de las Conchas

Social and Cultural

The heart of the historic city centre, ‘Plaza Mayor’, is also the social hub - surrounded by typical bars and restaurants where you can taste the best wine and tapas. Lunch will cost you 5 – 8 EUR and a three3-course-meal, 8-10€.

There are also two main areas with lots of night clubs offering different types of music and entertainment. There are also plenty of museums and open places to practise sports, while River Tormes is a haven for walking, jogging, kayak, riding a bike or just laying down to enjoy the nature.

Culturally, Salamanca offers excellent live shows almost every day: gigs, theatre plays, stand-up comedy, the choice is yours.



  • Madrid Airport is located 2.5 hours away from Salamanca
  • Transfer options: private coach, shuttle bus or taxi.


  • Excellent public transport network with numerous bus services to most parts of the city and the shopping centres in the outskirts.


  • Studio flat / shared flat: twin or single rooms. Half/Full board or Self-catering. Standard and business class.
  • Homestay: twin or single rooms. Within public transport network range. Half-board / full-board, no SC. Standard and business class
  • Residential and B&B. Half-board / full-board / self-catering. Standard and business class
  • Budget hotel + breakfast (2*) or Hotel 3-4* SC.

your health care


  • Treatment is free of charge for all EU nationals but you will have to pay for any of the medicines you may need.
  • Any students from outside the EU will need to have their own medical insurance.


  • You will need an appointment. If you live with a host family you can see their “Médico de cabecera” (General Practitioner) who will sign you in as a visitor
  • If you live in self-catering accommodation, contact Tellus and we will make an appointment for you.


  • Dental treatment is free in Spain, but all appointments need to be booked well in advance (2-3 months). If you are in pain, private dentists are reasonably priced and much quicker to book.


  • In case of serious illness, life threatening emergency or injury, call 112 and ask for an ambulance
  • Give the full name of the person requiring medical assistance, their date of birth, sex, and the exact location, e.g. the nearest house number (or landmark) and street name
  • For a non-emergency, please ask your host family for help, call Tellus for assistance or take a taxi to the nearest hospital
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